Cheap renters insurance Florida tenants should have!

If you rent, then you need tenant’s insurance.  Landlord’s insurance only covers the property itself, and not you or your possessions.  Furthermore, tenants can be held liable for damages done to a rental property in some cases, even if accidental.  Cheap renters insurance Florida residents are looking for is easy to sign up for, but you should know what your policy covers and what it does not.  Choosing the right policy for your needs might mean having to get more insurance under different plans, but not necessarily.

First, we will look at what basic renters insurance in Florida from usually covers.  Then, we will discuss a few options that are only applicable to certain situations.

Renters insurance generally covers fire (and smoke), vandalism, theft, and water damage due to plumbing or the like.  Some policies carry limited liability regarding others’ personal injury or loss of property, but the coverage is very limited – those claims generally apply to the landlord.  If you are forced to rent another property for a limited time, such as after a fire, your insurance may reimburse you those rental costs.

While renters insurance is always good to have, your situation may require some extra precautions.  For example, a basic policy covers loss of electronics – like laptops and phones – only under certain circumstances, and valuables deserve special attention.  In some cases, Extended Coverage may be all you need but, if the value of your grandma’s antique tea set exceeds your coverage, consider getting specialty insurance separately.  If you have a lot of electronics, or depend heavily on them for work or some other reason, extended coverage or personal property coverage is probably a good idea.

Note that damage from earthquakes and floods is almost never covered, but is available separately.  Also, structures that you may have added to the property – like sheds or fences – are not covered by renter’s insurance, either.  If you feel you need some kind of additional coverage, be sure to ask your agent about the details of your plan, what add-ons are available, and what other policies might be good for you. Cheap renters insurance Florida tenants should have from covers most situations and, unless there are some exceptions or extenuating circumstances, that may be all you need.  If you have concerns, or are uncertain as to which tenant’s policy is right for you, just ask your agent