Get Ohio Car Insurance Quotes Before Car Shopping

Get Ohio Car Insurance QuotesIt can be fun to shop for a new car. It’s always exciting to picture yourself driving off the car lot with a gleaming new car instead of the old car you traded in. There are a lot of hurdles you have to jump over before you can show off your new car to your friends and family, however. Smart automobile shoppers get Ohio car insurance quotes before they purchase a new car.

There are a lot of reasons to get Ohio car insurance quotes from someone like this before heading out to the dealer’s lot. If you have a certain make and model in mind before you take a test drive, you can find out exactly how much money it will cost to insure your new car. If you’ve been driving your existing car for a long time, you might get sticker shock from more than the sticker in the car’s window. It can cost a great deal more to insure a new car than an older car. If you understand the additional monthly cost of operating a new car before you buy it, you can make a more informed purchased based on all the factors involved. Without an insurance quote, you won’t truly know what you’re spending on a new car.

Another reason to get Ohio car insurance quotes from before you purchase your new car is so there’s no delay in taking delivery when you finally strike a deal. Most new car purchases are made directly from the dealer’s existing inventory, and if you have your financing and insurance in place, you can shake hands and drive away almost immediately. Some Ohio auto insurance polices will cover your new car for up to thirty days if you have an existing policy in place, but that doesn’t mean you’re entirely free of risk when you buy a new car. If your trade-in car is older, and you don’t have collision coverage in place, you won’t have collision coverage in force for your new car, either, and the cost of damaging a brand new car in an accident can greatly exceed your ability to pay for it out of pocket.

If you’re financing the purchase of the auto, it’s almost certain that the lender will not only require proof of insurance, but will also require written proof that the car is fully insured for at least the amount of the loan on the car. You can easily increase the limits on an existing policy when you get Ohio car insurance quotes from your agent.

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