wattwatt (a play on the words ‘what’ and ‘Watt’) is an independent community website set up by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), a Geneva-based, non-governmental and not-for-profit organization, leader in electrotechnical standardization. IEC believes that the question of electrical energy efficiency is one that needs to be addressed and that everyone of us, as individuals, has a part to play.

wattwatt is the reference centre for you, the individual. You’re interested in and sensitive to electrical energy efficiency and the environment, and you want to share your ideas and benefit from what others have to tell.

Do you know how electricity is generated, how it’s transported or how it’s used?

Share your understanding of the cost of electricity, both to you as a user and to the environment. Ask for hints on using it better.

Suggest how it could be more efficient.

Obviously, it’s hardly possible in our present world to cut out electricity or abolish its use – that is unless we go to bed at six o’clock in the evening and give up everything but candles and horsepower for reading and recreation. But there are loads of ways in which everyone can help diminish the tax to the world, both in terms of personal expenditure and the environment. wattwatt is yours!

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